Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday

This is my first "Pink Saturday"and I am so excited! Thank you to Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound" for including me. For those of you who don't know me I collect Flying Pigs! Pigs with wings, angel pigs....whatever. "Ad astra per alia porci" (to the stars on the wings of a pig) by John Steinbeck is a quote I just found and I love it! "When pigs fly" is a way of saying that something will never happen. That is why I love flying pigs. They inspire me to prove anything is possible. This particular pig was my great aunts. She had it for years before I even began collecting them and I never saw it until she passed away. It was on a 20 foot tall poll in her beautiful garden. I inherited it from her and it is now one of my favorites. When I got it, it was a sickly gray color but the wings were still the silvery white you see above. I painted it a fresh, happy pink color and everyone thought I was crazy when I put it into my green, red and yellow living room, but I think she is perfect. She sits on top of the TV cabinet and is quite the conversation starter. The sign was a gift from my mom and is over my fireplace. I am sure I will share many more of my 100 plus flying pigs over the course of my blog but this is one of the best! Enjoy the other blogs and I will see you next post! Love Jenny


Beverly said...

Welcome to your very first Pink Saturday, Jenny.

I love that saying, and you are the first person I heard of that collects flying pigs. How wonderful and inspirational. I'm so glad you have your aunt's pig, and I think it is the perfect conversation piece about your philosophy.

Dawn said...

OMG, how cute, love the snout on your aunt's pig. Welcome to your first pink Saturday.

Virginia said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday!
How adorable, love it.
Blessings, Virginia


Happy Pink Saturday!

Cool flying PINK pig!

~ Gabriela ~

Katie said...

Happy Pig Saturday!

Hee hee

Welcome! Love the collection, very unique to say the least but truly a great way to remember anything is possible!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I used to watch the show "Alice" all the time and listen to Flo say that line at least once every episode. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I bet with you... everything IS possible! How fun.
Welcome to Pink Saturday!

Deborah said...

Hi Jenny! Deborah here...I saw you this morning - I was with Mary and Vanessa. I'm so happy that you have come to Blogland!

Guess what?! I have a flying pig...she was my mother's. I love that little pig dearly and she is darling! With over 100, you just may have one like her.

Welcome to Pink Saturday! I host Favorite Family Foto Friday - you are welcome to join. Not nearly as big as Pink Saturday, but that's okay.

Looking forward to seing your upcoming blog for SuzAnna's!

Consider yourself invited to visit me any time!


g said...

Jenny, love your flying pig!! Great Pink Saturday post!

You might enjoy a flying pig that's in my neighborhood, in an older post at my blog.
Flying Pig

Best to you!

Dee Light said...

That is tooo cute!! Thanks for making me smile.

KatCollects said...

Hi Jenny,
Welcome! Love the quote and the inspiration, how fun!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Jenny, Welcome to your first Pink Saturday. Your pig philosophy is perfect! :0) I love her :0) Come by for a visit...


Grandma Faith said...

I have been known to say that myself. I am looking forward to meeting more of your flying pigs. Take care.

Smilingsal said...

Welcome to your 1st Pink Saturday. You've shared something unique, and for that, I am grateful. Come see what I have.

Miss Rhea said...

Welcome Jenny !! Love your Pink Pig. :) Haven't seen one like that before !! :) Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

Sara said...

oh my goodness! i LOVE this pink saturday idea! i may have to join in :) pink is my favorite color!!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Jenny,
Welcome to Pink Saturday!

What a cute pig...I've always loved that saying!

bj said...

oooo, Jenny...I just ADORE your pink flying pig. And, I, too, have used that saying all my life. Years ago, there was a series on TV called of the actresses on it said "When pigs fly" all the time so I always think of her when I hear it.
Girl, you did so good on your very first Pink Saturday...I am looking forward to seeing more of your flyin' pigs!
love, bj

imjacobsmom said...

What a cool collection - can't wait to see the others.
I suppose you already have the album Animals from Pink Floyd. It has a flying pig on the cover. ~ Robyn

Abuela Beauty said...

Hi Jenny!!
Oh!! "Chanchos voladores" jajaja!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Besitos desde Argentina!!

Pink Slippers said...

Happy PINK Saturday to yu..well I should say belated. Wendy

Kimberly said...

Happy First Pink Saturday! I love your flying pig! I have 2 I found at Pier 1 (had seen someone else's last fall and WANTED it so bad cause it was so cute...walked into Pier 1 this summer and THERE it was! Had to have it) and one I got at Big Lots a couple weeks ago. I'm going to paint it up and do a post. I'd love to link to you on my flying pigs post. See you next Pink Saturday :)

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

What a great reason for loving flying pigs! A fun thing to collect :)! I may have run into you at SuzAnna's before--I love to shop there :)!! Thanks for coming to "visit" me, I'll be back to read your blog, too!


Priscila said...

oh I think thats so cute!

Mya said...

Welcome Jenny.
Love your flying pig. What a fun thing to collect.
Happy pink

Mary said...

Hi Jenny - No flying piggies here but will be flying off tomorrow night on something a bit sturdier!!

Thanks for the greeting and well wishes dear - great to see you last Sat. I missed saying bye to Anna and Linda so please tell them for me - and give mom another hug too.

See you all on my return. By the way your B'day is the same day as our Jasmin's, and mine is the 26th.
It will be a big one for me this time around - I become an official Medicare card carrier (how did I get to be that old?), and I'll arrive at the brand new RDU Terminal on opening day and on the first International flight. Bob's hoping for gifts and a ticket back to Europe perhaps, lol!!

Take care - see you in November.
Hugs - Mary.

Beverly said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday, Jenny!! I love your pink pig. I have a small pig collection, myself...however all of them are wings!!

Margie said...

I love your *pink* flying pig and the fact that you have him in your living room! It's your house and it's all about what makes you happy and it makes your home unique. It's not about having a cookie cutter home, at least that's my philosophy! Tee hee! I like the inspiration you get from your flying pigs, too!

Margie :)

Kimberly said...

OH MY GOSH!! I didn't put 2 and 2 together to remember that you were the one who loved flying pigs!! I read that in the questionaire you just posted and thought, "Cool! Wish I could remember that other blogger out there who loves flying pigs..." I still have my flying pig post in the works which I will then link to you. How cool that we got paired up for the Winter Whimsy swap!!