Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Pink Saturday!


I thought this would be fun to post for Miss Beverly's Pink Saturday
in honor of breast cancer awareness!!!
If you continue to read the post below from last week, you will
see pictures of my pretty mommy. She is
a 13 year breast cancer survivor and is still battling this
disease! If you did not know she had cancer you would never be able to tell!
She does not let it define who she is and is one of the strongest women
I know!  She tires me out! hehehe!
Here's to all the surviors, those still battling and those
who are helping battle from Heaven! We love you!



Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Jenny - and your mommy, too. My heart is full thinking of your family. Give your mommy a big hug from me. You are both true beauties.♥♥♥

bj said...

Happiest Pink Saturday.
Pink hugs to you and your mom.
xo bj

LV said...

What an adorable pink post. I love it, especially of the little one.

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

So happy your Mommy is not only beating cancer, but laughing right in it's big ole face!! Living her life to the full pink of it all. Thx for sharing



Annesphamily said...

Catching up on my posts from this week and last! Great photos here! Always awesome to see everyones take on Breast Cancer Awareness!

Come visit soon!