Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still here!

Yup! I am still here!
Thanks for all the comments!
It has been a long two weeks and we are not through yet!
We now have the unhappy task of moving my Uncle from the respite
facility where he is, to a long term facility that will be better for him in the long run. His back is now 100% but the muscles need to get back to snuff. He has told us that he no longer wishes to live alone, and is ready to move into a facility.We would love for it to be an assisted living spot, but we are afraid his mental stability has begun to go.
We will have to go up at least one time this week and I am sure
many times over the next few months until everything is settled.
He has lived in the same area for over 60 years
so we do not want to move him closer to us,
even though it would be easier.
He has so many friends where he is, it would just not be fair.

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val said...

you are so thoughtful working with him through this whole thing and putting him first......