Monday, February 7, 2011

Back for a minute!

Wow! What a week!
We got my Great Uncle into a rehab facility, finally on Saturday!
He was pretty bad off, even though he kept telling us all he was fine!
We did not know how bad it was until a friend of his called us!

Due to a lack of mobility from a broken disk in his back, he was not eating or drinking much at all, since he couldn't move quickly to go to the restroom!! So he was really going downhill! Plus then add in malnutrition and yipes!

We got lots of stuff done on Thursday, Dr visits, lawyer visits, bank name it we did it! Then on Friday, things got so bad we headed to the ER for 6 LONG hours! Everything is fine now, and I head back tomorrow, for the day, for his procedure!

My recommendation to anyone with elderly family members,

1.Get a power of attorney in place now,both medical and financial,

in the event of emergency from stroke, or fall or whatever.

2.Get your name on HPAA paperwork so you can find out

any health information for your relative!

Talk the hard talk- will...i.e. do they want life saving measures
2.where is their regular will
3.funeral arraignments information-5800.00 a month is a lot of money
and that is one of the cheaper places we have found!

All of these things may make you uncomfortable,

but you need to find out now before it is too late!

Thanks for all your well wishes!

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