Friday, January 7, 2011


Yay!! I found my camera cable!
I can finally show off some pictures of our Christmas!
Christmas Eve was at my in laws house this year (we switch each year),
but there was so much going on I never took out the camera.
Hopefully I can swipe some pictures from my Mother In Law!!
Then Christmas morning was at home, just the three of us! Santa left some glitter footprints that Kyle thought were VERY cool,
but I did not get any up close pictures since Sky dog thought they smelled good too!
Kyle was unbelievably calm Christmas morning. Getting one package from under the tree and making sure I or Jason had a present too! Then opening a present and making sure all the trash was in the garbage before getting another was almost weird!! LOL! I think he was still trying to be good since Santa had not left him the present he really wanted yet. The only problem was, Santa had to let Kyle know the ONLY thing he really asked for was not available yet for this Christmas!

Kyle loves playing Angry Birds on my phone and wanted these stuffed animals for Christmas, but they were all out by the time he told Santa that was what he wanted! Santa's elves could not make enough for everyone in time for Christmas will believe anything that sounds plausible! So these Angry Birds will be flying our way for Easter this year!! Tomorrow I will share some pictures of Christmas Day evening at my parents! Have a great Saturday!


Grace said...

Glad you found your cable! lol How could your son be so calm? Oh my goodness. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a great weekend. Grace xoxo

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey there, Jenny! Was great seeing you the other day and paying a visit to the shop. I am so in love with the ironstone pieces I scored! I've got lovely plans for them. :)Thanks for the link to that blog site. Definitely going to check that out.
And love your Christmas photos. So glad you found your camera cable. Love Santa's glittery footprints. Never seen those angry birds before. Guess I'm out of the loop a bit. ;)