Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Stacey at Flotsam and Jetsam tagged me for a 101 Things That Make Me Happy Meme!
She is not a Pink Saturday person, but visit her anyway!!! hehehe!
And while you are out visiting, visit Bev at How Sweet the Sound!
I don't know how she does it, but every week she brings hundreds of us
together and I thank her for it!!
So without further ado....
  1. My husband
  2. My son
  3. My family
  4. antiques
  5. vintage pin ups
  7. suns
  8. moons
  9. stars (in the sky)
  11. Sky (my dog)
  12. old buttons
  13. rhinestone jewelry
  14. SuzAnna's Antiques
  15. Pyrex
  16. laptop
  17. blogs
  18. McDonald's
  19. Diet Coke
  20. crystal light "Focus" drink mix
  21. chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven
  22. scrapbooking
  23. making jewelry
  24. new cell phone (when it finally comes in)
  25. black and white movies
  26. the color red
  27. Red Front doors (no Anna, I did not copy)
  28. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
  29. sleeping in on Sunday mornings
  30. snuggling with my son and hubby on Sunday mornings
  31. Nora Roberts books
  32. JD Robb books (yes, same author but...)
  33. anchor hocking anything
  34. any vintage jewelry that is not rhinestones
  35. clean laundry
  36. pedicures
  37. beach trips (I CAN'T WAIT)
  38. birthdays
  39. sand between my toes
  40. Mary from A Breath of Fresh Air
  41. Anna from Chickens in the Basement
  42. Vanessa from Vanilla Lavender
  43. Debbie from Mermaids of the Lake
  44. Stacey from Flotsam and Jetsam
  45. ALL my other blog friends
  46. funny commercials
  47. dressing up for dinner
  48. breakfast for dinner
  49. My Nikon D40X camera
  50. huge vegetables from our own garden
  51. purple balloon flowers
  52. white balloon flowers
  53. Frank Sinatra
  54. Michael Buble
  55. vintage linens
  56. swaps
  57. The West Wing repeats on Bravo
  58. Man Men
  59. Burt's Bees chap stick
  60. Revlon Color stay Lipstick
  61. Revlon Color stay makeup
  62. puffy crinolines
  63. Love's Baby Soft perfume
  64. good glass of wine
  65. Christmas with family
  66. singing Silent Night
  67. Annalee dolls
  68. sledding with Kyle
  69. facebook
  70. NCIS
  71. House
  72. 54" TV
  73. seeing a punchbug before Kyle or Jason
  74. seeing the look on Kyle's face when he sees one first
  75. the color blue
  76. a red vintage Corvette
  77. dinner out with Jason
  78. Bali Hai (local restaurant)
  79. butterscotch haystack cookies
  80. chex mix
  81. NC State Fight Song
  82. Muhammad Ali
  83. ipods
  84. shopping
  85. yard sales
  86. TARGET
  87. Massages
  88. puppy breath
  89. kittens
  90. diamonds
  91. sapphires
  92. swimming in the ocean
  93. shrimp
  94. clam strips
  95. painted furniture
  97. Starbucks grande iced vanilla chai latte
  98. Homemade peach ice cream
  99. Fireworks
  100. margarita's
  101. P90X workouts when they are done! If you made it this far.....join in and let me know if you did it!!


Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Wow, Girlie! That's quite a list! Love your pictures and your son is so handsome! A "punchbug", huh? I wondered what they were called.

YOU are on my Pink Saturday post tomorrow! Come on buy!

Miss Bee's Haven

Mary said...

.......oh, you are so sweet to put me on your list, thanks so much dear Jenny. I'd have a hard time making a long list like this!

Glad Kyle enjoyed the zebras!

Lovely to see you this past week - hope to get back soon and catch up with mom - dad too!

Happy PS and enjoy the HOT weekend.
Mary X

Chickens in the Basement said...

I need to start my next 101 favorites list. There are so many things I left off! That was a fun post to do. Isn't it nice to be a happy person!

Anonymous said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing! Happy Pink Saturday!! Esther XX

Lisa said...

I like your 101!! This does look fun. I think I may do this this week!
Hugs, Lisa

Stacey said...

Thanks for visiting the blog - Thought of you yesterday when I found some vintage 1948 Vargas miniature calendar pin-ups. Really great pieces. There was an antiques dealer going out of business and she gave me what I consider to be a great price. I'll have to share some of them on the blog soon. And be sure to look up Vargas if you haven't heard of his work before - I like his early stuff before he did Playboy.

Elaine said...

hehe Loved reading this list! We all need to remember a few..

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