Monday, June 21, 2010


Yup...we have a garden! This is really our first year of TRYING to garden.
We grew tomatoes last year but bugs got them so Jason really started early this year and wow!You should see it! Where Jason planted must be the most ideal spot cause our plants are HUGE! We have zucchini's and yellow squash, cucumbers, red and green peppers, one hot cherry pepper, and a bunch of tomato plants! But the most fun thing we are growing are cantaloupes!
We got one this spring and saved the seeds, so we started about 25 plants in the garden and more than half have taken!! If every flower produces a cantaloupe we will be having cantaloupe jelly, cantaloupe bread, cantaloupe butter......giveaways for cantaloupes....a fruit stand on the side of the road selling cantaloupes!! hehehe!
But even better is how much stuff we are getting from the plants!This is from one day of picking. We got just as many off yesterday! Our neighbors and family love us and all the veggies we are giving them. The tomatoes have not started to turn red yet but there are a ton on there too! So anyone know any good receipes for any of this stuff??


*Ulrike* said...

Oh wow! My garden is finally growing as our spring here was so wet and cold for northern Ga. I'm not sure what I'll get as I did have to re-plant things. After polishing off some melons I've been throwing the seeds out into the other half of the garden just to see if they come up. If they don't I know where to get some melons!! Luv the lady garden photo!

LemonyRenee' said...

Wow! And yum!

Unknown said...

we got a late start with the cold weather, but things are going crazy here now too....gardens are so fun and if you are getting lots of veggies, you picked a great place to put one......good for you!!!!

Pretty Sam said...

They are frsh so keep them that way! thick slice the squash lehgth ways and salt/pepper/ olive oil and lightly grill! YUMMM!!

Pretty Sam said...

apparently I cant type today LOL