Monday, November 9, 2009


Some of my friends are having some giveaways!!Julie at The Harwards is having this AMAZING giveaway! And Jen at JNichelle is giving away this Beautiful Christmas tree! Hurry and enter both!!


Julie Harward said...

You are such a sweet heart..thanks! I will be excited and surprised to see who wins this...I love to give! :D

Lady and Librarian said...

Thanks for sharing Jenny! Hope to see you guys soon!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Jenny! My computer is back! thanks for telling us about these give aways! ♥

Mary said...

Loved Kyle's costume - great makeup artist at work there!

Yeah, I love my old/new chair too - just what I've been searching for.

BTW - Janna at Artsy Fartsy hopes to come visit SuzAnna's - I gave her the link to the blog.

Hugs to all - hopefully it will dry up sooooooon!

LV said...

A great giveaway with Christmas right round the corner. The little tree is very pretty.