Monday, July 20, 2009

I am SOOOO lucky!!

I love bloggers!!! You guys are all so generous! With your time, your comments, your suggestions and even...with your gifts!!
Look what some wonderful blog friends have given me recently!
Becca from The Pink Girlie Room knows that I love piggies
and saw this on a recent trip she took!!
She said it reminded her of me, Kyle and Jason....hmmm, I didn't think we were that messy!!!hehehe!
Then Miss Mary from Across the Pond not only had a post for me on Pink Saturday this past weekend, but look what she brought back from HER trip for me!!
She said she was going to save it for my birthday but was just too excited to wait til October!

A little cast iron flying pig bank to add to my collection!! I love it!

Then last but not least......LOOK what Suzy from Georgia Peachez found for me!! Suzy made a side trip down to Suzanna's Antiques last week while we were at the beach so I could not give her a huge hug like I want to but...WOW!! LOOK!!!


She found these at a local thrift shop!! Woohoo!! They are not from the original Duane Bryers but are original paintings done in 1966 by someone named Betty Millard.

So thank you to Betty (hahaha) and to all my GREAT blogger friends!! You guys are awesome!



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Jenny! I just love Hilda. Those are just priceless. The little piggies are too. How cute. Blogger friends are just wonderful. When we get to know someone, it is fun to drop a surprise their way. Please stop by and say hi. I am having a manic Monday. Country hugs, Sherry

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Pigs and Hilda! What fun to come home to. xo, suzy

*Noelle* said...

what sweet gifts! love the piggies in the first photo!!

glad you had a great trip!!

Stacey said...

What fun gifts! The paintings are absolutely DIVINE... I've never heard of Hilda so off to Google I go:)

Mary said...

You are worth it Jenny - just your smile and lovely personality would make anyone want to lavish you with gifts.............hear that Jason, make sure you do it too!!!!

Next Sat. you'll be on my Pink post are a star!!

See you when I get back from the West coast etc.

Sares said...

How FUN! What a great bunch of bolggers too!

The Queen of Clearance said...

you have some amazing blogger friends!

Kaye said...

Cool gifts!

Lisa said...

What great stuff!! You and your flying pigs!!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am nuts over Hilda!!! And the flying pig is wonderful