Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ugly!!

(Mom pregnant with Emily)
Happy Birthday to my little sister!!
It's a long standing joke between us that I call her Ugly!
It really is an endearment, but you should see some of the looks we have gotten over the years when without thinking I call her that out on the town.... As you can see she is anything but Ugly!! I am so proud of her and lover her to death!!
(Birthday party with Grandpa Unk)
Happy Birthday Emily!!


The Queen of Clearance said...

happy birthday! I think the fact that you call your sister ugly because you love her is funny to me :)

Mary said...

Happy Birthday lovely Emily (and what does she call you....come on now, you must tell!). You are BOTH gorgeous gals......I can vouch for that!!

Where's the Birthday party????

Hugs - Mary.

*Noelle* said...

LOL! she is very pretty:)

cbh said...

WOW! That first picture of your parents is wonderful! Happy Birthday Emmy!

Lisa said...

As long as she knows you don't mean it I think it's great!!
Happy Birthday!
Hugs, Lisa

Déjà View Designs said...

She is gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday!

My sisters call me "purdy......purdy ugly" - it is a long standing joke since childhood. I can totally relate to this post!!!

Juli @ DejaViewDesigns

Joy said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister!

Anonymous said...

What a term of endearment! :-) She is just the opposite of such. Oh but I would love to see the faces of the people who heard you call her that. Maybe I may be shocked just like them LOL


Mermaids of the Lake said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister, Ugly! Ha! She is anything but ugly. Funny post!

Mermaid Debbie

Renee said...

Jenny how nice to see that your sister ugly is really very beautiful.

Cheers to families and the funny things we do.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers, I have felt them.

Love Renee xoxo