Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Eve!

Kyle had his Valentine's School Party Yesterday! Too much fun!They have the cutest prayer they say before snacks!It's called the Superman Prayer!
They put their hands on their hips and then up into the air
and wave them back and forth while singing
to the tune of the Superman theme song;
Thank you God for Giving us Food,
Thank you God for Giving us Food.
For our daily bread,
So we may be fed.
Thank you God for Giving us Food.

Grapes and cupcakes...yum!

Hmmm guess the sugar has hit!!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!! Check back tomorrow for Pink Saturday!


Vanessa Greenway said...

Kyle is looking sooooo handsome! I'm back to the US and I'm looking forward to seeing you gals at the shop. Hugs! Vanessa

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Aw, glad he was able to attend his party. Micah couldn't attend his but his friend dropped by with some goodies for him. ♥

Jenny, are you the one who told me about your husbands co- workers having what they we're calling the 90 day flu?

Poor Micah just won't stay better for more than a couple days. All blood tests are normal and the Dr. thinks it's "just" a virus. Well, I'd like to ring that "just" a viruses neck! :<

Let me know will, ya?

Nerissa Alford said...

So cute! Looks like they had a good time. I'll see you tomorrow.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Your Super(little)man is adorable!!

Sweet wishes,