Monday, February 9, 2009


Okay, I have a confession to make.
I have an addiction! I am addicted to BOWLS!! Lots of pyrex!! But I don't stop there!I have anything that strikes my fancy! But when you have this many...every once in a while you have to straighten them up! And lovingly check them over. These are two new ones, with very unusual bottoms, but no markings! Any ideas? Luckily, after organizing them...I have room for more! hehehe! And since I work at the best little antique shop in the world...

I can add bowls like this to my collection. Hard to tell from this angle, but this is about 14 inches across and has a great crackle surface!! I LOVE IT!! Same blue as my kitchen!

I am hopeless!!! hehehe!


Barb said...

great collection...Barb

Deanna said...

Girlfriend, don't even invite me over to your house! If you did, I would back my brother in-law's Ford F150 Super Crew Cab and start loading it up with them there bowls...LOL!!

Deanna :D

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Great bowl collection, Jenny! They look great all stacked together- so colorful! ♥

Georgia Peachez said...

I'd call that an obsession! Love those little vintage swirly bowls. I've seen those before but I don't know anything about them. Cute! xo, suzy

Chickens in the Basement said...


I think this is a good start on What People Collect! I'm motivated to get photos of my clocks and chickens and chicken clocks!


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

There are worst addictions! lol. Great bowl collection. I'm not sure who made the little "fired on glass" bowls (at least that's what we call that way of coloring up here). I have one or two in pink...somewhere:) I like them.

Mary said...

White or off-white, with a few cream ones thrown in, for me - along with the same color soup tureens - love them all!
Your's are gorgeous too Jenny - and as you get first dibs I can see you piling them up daily, whoa girl!!!

Re: the hallway candelabra - yes, needs to be electrified. not candles. Also, clear crystals not colored, and not too large as it will stand on the little table which is behind the front door when open, so the space is small. I have a little lamp there now - you can see it a few posts back where I showed the Graphite walls.

Thanks for telling me they will be treasure hunting - hope they find beauteous things for the shop!

Dresser finished - I'm pleased with my effort - Bob says "what was wrong with it before, I liked it white" - men, clueless at times! I'll start om the sideboard today - will be ready to run away to the shop this weekend - hope to see you.

Vanessa returns today, yippee!

cherry said...

I love them too! Functional and pretty!

Stacey said...

What a great post! It's so encouraging to hear of another soul who has the collecting bug. When the realtor came by, she very swiftly & rather untactfully said that we needed to straighten up and pack away some of our "what-nots"... Well, my little heart just shriveled a bit and I started thinking that maybe I was too much of a clutter bug. But seeing your bowls and your love of them is so delightful and helps me to see my own items in a more pleasing light.
Also- Wanted to thank you for being such a great blogger and friend. You always leave a sweet comment- It certainly does not go unnoticed. Thanks again and see you soon:)
Blessings- Stacey

Jill said...

My friend I used to go to auctions with bought lots of bowls and she called them her "mashed potato bowls"! Fun times. Keep on collecting!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

"Hello my name is Sara and I'm addicted to collecting." LOL!!!!
My collecting passion is for Waverly& Spode plate sets. Also any gorgeous stemware...just to name two. I'm happy to see I'm not alone in my addiction:>
By the way, nice bowls. I can see why you want to add more to your inventory, you can never have to many,but don't ask my husband.
Sweet Wishes,

Angela said...

Great bowl collection! I almost have that problem but I have to stop myself because I don't know where to store them up! hehehe

I will admit to an addiction to the Pampered Chef Stoneware! lol My husband loves it also because it makes the food all yummy! I do need a shelf to be made to put those extremely heavy things on. I am sooooo tired of them sitting out and about! lol

Happy Pink Saturday!