Friday, March 15, 2013


is anyone still there?
I have been missing in action

for quite a while!
I would say I have been cleaning my house, but 
that would be a lie!!
I had a Hip MRI a few weeks ago.
Major pain only to be told it is arthritis and 
there is not much I can do about it.
Then my Mother in Law had a minor stroke.
So I had to help out at the hospital and then a little
at their house. So needless to say life has been 
rough over the last few weeks!
I so need a vacation!!
I really want to try and get back to blogging!
It is a great outlet for my creativity
and I miss it! 
Hope I have not lost all of you!
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ImagiMeri said...

I'm still here girlfriend, and still watching out for you. I'm so sorry about your hip and your MIL, unfortunately I know exactly how your feeling. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


Just a suggestion, but for old ladies like me, it's really hard to see the numbers and letters of the authorization for leaving a comment. If you just set your controls to checking comments before they are posted, then you can publish only the ones you want published and all the rest you can delete.

Mary said...

So sorry Jenny to learn of Jason's moms health scare - hope so much she will recover fully and be fit again. She will definitely be in my prayers.

Also sad to hear of your arthritis - you're far too young! Hopefully it will not progress anytime in the near future - you too remain i my thoughts and prayers dear.

As for your blog - I have missed you - and now with this post I'm going to have to blindfold Bob or he'll be spending too much time checking out the cute gals!!!!!

Happy weekend - hope the weather cooperates for sales, the parade, and Jasmin's concert! I'm doing a St. Patty's Day post Sat. with pics I took at the shop last visit.

Love to you all - Mary

jennifer robin said...

So glad you are back!! That arthritis seems to grab hold to all of us at some point...I say just tell it to go away! LOL!! You have had lots on your lap, and it is time for some time designed for you! I will stop by for time to time just to help keep you on track!! Enjoy your blogging!!

Hugs, jenny

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Glad you are back, I know how that is, sometimes life gets in the way, and illness only makes it your pictures, they are happy and fun,,

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny, I am so sorry to hear about your hip and your mother-in-law. I too have had a rough time lately, but visiting you here and seeing what you pin on Pinterest make me think of my BBFF and always make me smile!