Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Ending

For those of you who have been following
my blog for the last little while,
you know I have been handling my Great Uncle's affairs.
Well, I got the call on Christmas Eve morning that
Uncle Johnnie had passed peacefully a few minutes before.
This is a drawing of Uncle Johnnie done from
a photo from many years ago.
It was both very sad to get the news he had passed,
and very much a blessing. He is no longer in pain, and
got to spend Christmas Eve, his favorite holiday, with his family in heaven.
We will miss you Uncle Johnnie!


Mary said...

Jenny dear, so sorry - our condolences to you and your family on Uncle Johnnie's death. I know you did much to help him over the past years.
Bless you.

We're still in Devon but leave tomorrow morning for London - flying out on Sunday. Great visit, now ready to come home.

Love to all - Happy New New greetings.

Mary X

Georgia Peachez said...

I like the drawing of Uncle Johnnie very much. I'm so sorry for your loss.