Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Fun!!

I am loving Pinterest!
I think I am loving Pinterest toooooo much
and have been "forgetting" about my blog!
taken after a wicked storm at our house is August!
 So here is a quick run down of what I
have been up too!
Still going back and forth to
Virginia to help my great Uncle.
He does not really know me
anymore due to the dementia
but he is still such a happy person that we have fun
visiting. We finally sold his co-op!
After 18 months on the market which I know in this
market is not too bad,
 but man, am I glad that's over with!
Kyle started back to school and is actually already
on Fall Break.
I LOVE year round schools!
I had Jimmy V in August and that was so much fun
as always! 19 years and counting!
And I got to meet Scotty McCreery, so that was a treat!
Kyle's school had their annual Family Fun Frolic Fundraiser.
We ended up raising over $20,000.00 for his school!
When you think about the fact that there
 are only 500 kids in his school, that's pretty good!
Other than that I have just been working up a storm
at the shop! It has been sooooo busy, which is a great problem to have!
If you don't know about my shop, head over to
SuzAnna's Antiques Blog to see whats going on over there!


CatCricket Savage said...

Whoa!! 500 kids.. that is blessing!!!
You can go back to Pinterest now that you posted!! Heehee....
Gypsea Nurse

ImagiMeri said...

Thank goodness I haven't gotten urge to stay on Pinterest, too long. Good to hear from you again. Congratulations on being busy at your shop.