Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where I have been

I have been at my son's school getting ready for
 his HUGE Fall Frolic Fundraiser!
My sister's son is in 5th grade and his school does NOTHING like what
Kyle's school does!
 We have a big silent auction, which is what all these baskets are for.
 I have logged in over 60 hours of volunteer time
 since the beginning of the school year which is NUTS!
Every night for the past few weeks til late!
 There are raffle tickets that were sold and a live auction as well!
Only three or four of these baskets were left at the end of the night Friday night! 
And we raised almost $30,000.00 for the school!
It is a public school, but a very small one (only 300 students)
so we don't get a lot of money from the state! We
are called a school of choice, so we had to apply to get into the
school and were so excited to get in! Like a college admission! LOL!
Every little bit helps when the school is so small!
Now he is off on fall break so Mom, Kyle and I are heading to Vermont
to visit family. Hubby is so excited for a week off!! hehehe!

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