Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Hopefully when you read this we will be outside
playing in the 5 to 7 inches of snow they are predicting we will get Friday night into Saturday!
Maybe there will be some PINK SNOW???
Happy Pink Saturday! Join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

We're ready....

FOR SNOW!!!This is a beautiful new Annalee Doll that I got for Christmas!
Check back for more snow updates tomorrow!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad Blogger Buddy!

I have been a bad blogger buddy! I have gotten some wonderful items in the last few weeks and have not had the time or gumption to blog about them.
January blahs I guess.
For that I am sorry!Look at this amazing apron I got! My pictures do not do this apron justice!
Shawnee from Shawnee's Tangled Tales and I were in a
swap together and we both love pin ups. This is by far the most beautiful apron I have ever seen! You cannot even tell where the pocket is since the fabric lines up so perfect. The swap was a sweet goodness swap and I mentioned I loved butterscotch haystack cookies. I had not had them in YEARS since before my Grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's. When I opened my box, there was a tin of these cookies inside (long gone now) and I literally burst into tears at just the smell of them since they reminded me so much of my Grandmother. There were so many other goodies in that box, but I will NEVER forget the amazing feeling I had with those little cookies! Please click on the link above to see all the other items Miss Shawnee sent and let her know I sent you and give her another big THANK YOU from me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Blogger ate my post last night is a pin up picture for you viewing pleasure while I redo my post! argggghhhh!! hehehe!
It might not make it back up until after work today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Favorite Picture

Miss Anna from Chickens in the Basement tagged me with a Favorite Photo meme!
Being the proud mommy that I could I pick just one?
My favorite picture was from a "family" beach trip we took three summers ago. Now I used the air quotes around family because, while Jason and I were there with Kyle, and Jason's older brother and his wife, the rest of the people who were there were friends. 8 families and a bunch of single friends (34 people all told) all rented a house and spent the week together lounging on the beach, or at the houses pool. Cooking, eating, laughing, drinking....drinking....eating, get the idea? It was one of the best family trips I have ever taken and would do it again in a heartbeat. Now that all the kids are in school, and some of the OTHER women (NOT ME) are pregnant it has been hard to get together again.
While we were walking back from the beach one late afternoon,
I called to Kyle to turn so I could take his picture...

he just looks like a little Old Navy ad or something! I just love this picture of him!! So much so that I played with it!

And love it even more in black and white!

So I would love to see your favorite picture.

If you want to play please consider yourself tagged!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday! Today is my mom's birthday!
I did a little birthday post for her last year here!
And another little birthday post from last year here!
You can join me on SuzAnna's Antiques blog here for another birthday post!
So Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear mommy!
Happy Birthday to you!
(and yes I am 33 years old and still call my mom, mommy!)
So my mom reads my blog and SuzAnna's Antiques blog and loves comments!
Let's blow her away with how many comments we get for her please!!
I will personally respond to each and every one of you!
Thank you for the help!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Welllll, last weekend I forgot to post about what my goals, or projects for the year are...I want to work on my crafts more!I want to write more, whether on my blog or actual letters! I want to travel more, for both my antique shop with my mom and with my family.
We are planning on going to one of the shuttle launches in Florida this year!And this goes along with the last one, I want to have more fun!
This last year felt like a lot of work, and while I loved every minute of it, I want to have more fun with everything I do. Life is too short to not enjoy the small stuff!

Happy Pink Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful day and stay warm, we are having a high of 33 today so I will not be opening the shop as we only have a little space heater in the office and I want to still have my toes on Sunday!!! hehehe!

Join Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound for other pink posts!!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Wow, New Years Eve we were a happening bunch.
Kyle made it to 8:00 pm,
Jason and I made it to 12:00 and watched the ball drop....
and we were in bed asleep by 12:02.
So instead of showing our "party" I thought
I would show you some MORE pictures from Christmas!
We had my husband's family over for dinner along with my mom and dad,
so there was a table for 12 set up in Kyle's playroom/dining room!

This is my brother in law with Kyle in front of our

Christmas tree and my Dad in front of the TV!A far off shot of the tree, with one of the only shots I got of my mother in law!!

Jason's beautiful 91 year old grandmother and my wonderful sister in law!

Christmas was wonderful and we all had a great time! These were really the only shots that came out from that evening!! Cooking for 12 really did not let me take too make pictures!

We fried a turkey, had a ham and all the fixings! It was a wonderful evening and so nice to spend time with the family! I know 2010 will be awesome since we are surrounded by so many loved ones!

I hope all my Pink Saturday friends had a great New Years and I look forward to this year of sharing more pink with you all!

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