Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Due to circumstances beyond my control....LOL. No, not too much turkey at Thanksgiving!
I can't wear my dress this Thursday night for the open house.
It's going to be a little too cold and I am going to have to be working more than I thought since one of our employees can't work!
PLUS...when I tried the dress on last night, the decolletage was a little lower than I remembered.
Which would be okay for going out to dinner with my hubby...but not for working at the shop! So anyways! Off to find another outfit!
Starting tomorrow I am participating in the A Swap for All Seasons blog along.
We did an Advent Matchbook Swap and I will be posting those over the next few days!
See you soon!!


Grace said...

hahaha! Love the pictures! I am sure you look wonderful! Grace xoxox

Sares said...

Ah come on, don;t you think you could pull one of these off?! You'd probably be knocking stuff off the shelves. Too bad, you would have looked terrific! Good luck with your open house.