Thursday, May 6, 2010

To the Zoo!

We are off to the Zoo on Friday with 45 kindergartners.....Hopefully all the animals will be okay when we leave!


Julie Harward said...

LOL...hopefully! Keep your dress on Mom and have a fun day! Come say hi :D

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Jenny,

Wow, you've got pin-ups for every occasion! That's quite the collection, thanks for sharing. I've got backgrounds to choose from on my blog right now, and the last post had some cute vintage images if you're interested.

How's mom doing?


Stacey said...

Hope you have fun at the zoo! Looks like you had a fabulous swap with your tussie mussie - I just love all the neat little gifts!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Did you come home with 45 children? There's usually one or two I'd like to leave behind, but never had the nerve!