Thursday, October 8, 2009


I got a new Hilda picture!!!
My mommy and a great friend found it! YEAH!!!!!
I will have to scan the picture so you can see it better,
but my scanner is not hooked up right now!
I have looked and looked on line and have not found this picture,
but the date in the bottom corner says 1978!
She is wearing a "STAR" bikini! I collect stars,
which I may or may not have mentioned on here!
Flying Pigs, Stars and Hilda....and Gossamer from
Warner Brothers (the big orange monster)!

I am a woman of many varied tastes!! hehehe!!


NadineC said...

Hey Jenny! I got it! But I haven't unwrapped it yet...because you got "rules"....and so I want to take a picture of the wrapped items BEFORE I rip into them...but you are already putting ME to shame, even before I open the packages...more soon...after I snap pics and follow the instructions :-)
Your wicked Swappy Partner, Nadine

Anonymous said...

that is so awesome!

Lisa said...

How cool! Isn't it the greatest to find something you love!!
Hugs, Lisa
ps Thanks for the sweet mention on Holly's blog! It made me smile and I need that lately!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, how KEWL is that!! What a great find!


Julie Harward said...

Boy that Hilda is quite the woman isn't she...and a character to boot!
Hope you're having a nice fall, is it getting cold there yet? (you might have to buy Hilda a jacket..hee hee(
Come say hi :D

Joy said...

Jenny Jenny, you are my winner!

Priscila said...

Ive never even heard of "hilda" she looks great though. I like her! :)

You mom seems to have a great eye!


The Queen of Clearance. said...

I love hilda! Glad the found you another one!