Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wet Weather Fun!

What better to do on a wet summer afternoon?Why, army men wars of course!!Take cover! They are sneaky!
But the army men don't stand a chance against the cowboys, Indians and ??policemen???

Retreat!! Retreat!!

(man I hope the sun comes out soon!!)



Lisa said...

Oh you know you had fun! It is stinky that first week out of school is dark and rainy!!
Hugs, Lisa

Déjà View Designs said...

This made me laugh! I remember playing with these soldiers.

Sares said...

Too cute. Which side won? The good guys I hope! Or is the battle to be continued at the next sign of rain!

Joy said...

Gosh I miss those little plastic army men!

Deanna said...

My name is Deanna and I love to play with these toys. I had a Jane West doll and I would make her terrorize the military, the Indians and the Cowboys and my brother would get so mad that he would stomp back in to the house and lock himself in his bedroom. I had to confess. There, I feel much better!

Plastic toys rule!
Deanna :P