Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a present for you!! Check back with me Saturday for my 100th post giveaway!
It will be pink, it will be pretty and it will be fun!!


Stacey said...

Hi Jenny-
Kyle's birthday party looks AMAZING! So cute- And that cake is awesome:)
Hope you are well- I'm taking some time off and will be on a cruise next week (who-hoo!)... I've missed blogging but just haven't had the energy to do it... Hopefully, I'll be back in the game after next week. Have a wonderful weekend at SuzAnna's!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Sounds, GOOD! ♥

Kris said...

oh I can't wait. :)

Mary said...

Glad Kyle's party was so much fun - lovely pic of you with him.

I'm hoping to stop by this morning - Vanessa may pop over too - however I am having a miserable time with what I think are allergies. Bob wants me to see a doctor - but I want to use the time to see you gals - may have to be a toss up!!!

Thanks again for the sweet candle - it looks so nice on the hall table.

If I don't see you all, I'll be thinking of you and anxious to get back and come over after May 10!!!

Hugs to everyone.

Lisa said...

Oh my! What a tickler!!! I cannot wait to see!!! My computer is still down :( So I'll try to check while I'm here at work. How exciting!! I hope to get by this weekend to see you!
Hugs, Lisa


You betcha, I'll be back! :o)

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Yeah! I will definately be back! See you tomorrow.

Mermaid Debbie

Becca said...

Sounds good!! I can't wait. See you tomorrow. Yeah girlie night!!!